Rental income

Generate Rental Income

 Rental cost  for a Villa on St Maarten with 4 or 5 Bedrooms are between $4000 - $10000 per week. If the villa is used for a event or wedding it can be up to $5000 for a weekend.

We made a calculation on your return of investment based on 20 rental weeks. If you build it with use of Solar panels you can save extra on the utility cost.

Our property management can help you with finding rentals and take care of all the maintenance.
If you come for vacation to St Maarten to enjoy your DREAM VILLA all will be in good shape to sit back and relax. 


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20 weeks of rental income $100,000

Annual mortgage cost $35,00

Property management & maintenance $15,000

Tax on rental income $5,000

Annual Estimate Utilities cost $5,000

Netto PROFIT on your property $40,000